Bridget has been a guest on dozens of podcasts over the years. Here are the best interviews!

Career Woman Podcast

Listen to Bridget’s episode to hear her break down her career so far, talk about how women can overcome the bro culture of crypto, and how she became the founder of a multi-six-figure business! Be sure to follow Bridget on Twitter and Instagram, too!

Responsible Investing for a Sustainable Economy

It’s not how much you invest. It is when you start investing. For many, understanding the difference and making the choice to invest even a small amount when you are young comes down financial literacy. Shannon Lee Simmons, founder of New School of Finance, and Bridget Casey, founder of Money After Graduation, have made careers out of communicating why young people need to start investing early. Host Tim Nash talks to both of them on episode six of “Responsible Investing for a Sustainable Economy.”

Money Confidential Podcast

Raising kids can bring a lot of joy and love into your life—and cost you quite a bit of money, too. So how do you balance out your financial responsibilities to yourself, with those to your kids? In this episode, host Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez brings together the best advice from three past expert guests to help you sort it out.

RateHub Real Talk Podcast

Bridget Casey talks about stagnant wages, gender pay gaps, wealth inequality, the immorality of billionaires, FIRE, Coast FIRE, and the importance of your first 100k ( and She’s brutally honest, vulnerable, and puts the cash in the Kardashians. She’s been featured in Time magazine, Forbes, Macleans, MoneySense, Globe and Mail, Yahoo Finance, BNN, CBC and of course,

Globe & Mail Stress Test

How much does it cost to be single? And how do you set yourself up for financial success with half the earning power? We hear from a 34-year old woman who experienced a breakup and realized the importance of having financial independence regardless of your relationship status — and figured it out. Plus, Rob speaks to Bridget Casey, founder of personal-finance blog Money After Graduation, for money advice specific to singles.

Globe & Mail Stress Test

Many young Canadians gravitate towards living in bigger cities, but can you afford it? In this episode, we hear from a group in their 30s that are living downtown Toronto – they even let Rob and Roma get a peek at their credit card statements. Plus, Rob talks to Bridget Casey, the millennial writer of personal-finance blog Money After Graduation, about how to effectively manage your money while also enjoying the type of lifestyle you want.